We're making a difference, one product at a time.


By developing and manufacturing products across a multitude of dosage forms, the majority in our U.S. and Swiss facilities, we can ensure that we are coming to market with innovative products that are manufactured to the highest standards improving access to consumers, and lowering overall costs across the healthcare continuum.


With our focus on transdermal, parenteral, semi-solids, injectable, topical foams and sprays, and extended release products, the ingenuity of our developers and scientists, and our integrated FDA inspected manufacturing and development facilities, Ingenus products foster enhanced access, safety, quality, and transparency standards that continue to make a difference one medication at a time.


With our team of over 140 developers and scientists, Ingenus is poised to file 25 ANDAs per year. High quality generic products + enhanced access to medications + greater cost efficiencies: Experience the Ingenus difference.