One of our strongest assets is our selectively crafted network of strategic partners that help bring the Ingenus vision to life.

Ingenus boasts a secure and diversified partnership list that has helped us expand our reach into the marketplace, while building our reputation as the partner you need with the products you can trust.

Marketing Partnerships

Ingenus works with various industry-leading research and development teams globally. They entrust the Ingenus name to serve as a strong marketing arm with unparalleled reach in the market and customer service to match. Our leadership team is comprised of career pharmaceutical experts with deep-rooted relationships in every facet of this dynamic industry. This reputation, built on a established history of excellence, has propelled Ingenus to the highest seats of the industry and cemented our foothold on the market.

Manufacturing Partnerships

In addition to our vast marketing partnerships, we have also partnered with numerous pharmaceutical companies to help bring the Ingenus difference to their product offerings. With our robust and diverse manufacturing capabilities, we extend the benefit of our expertise to those looking for a manufacturing partner that operates to the highest standards with results they can rely on.